This is a technical preview of tscircuit text-to-footprint. Type a package description of footprint below and a footprint will automatically be generated.
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Capabilities & Limitations
This text-to-footprint system is optimized for creating footprints that can easily be copied and pasted into tscircuit.

It could save electronics engineers hours on each datasheet translation they have to do. You can adjust starting pins, pitch, pad size, pad shape, width and many other parameters for a wide variety of standard components.

Note: you can press "d" while hovering your mouse over the pcb viewer to check dimensions

  • Generate standard or semi-standard footprints for the majority of packages
  • Generate from typical footprint descriptions, e.g. the names inside theKicad Component Catalog (WIP)
  • Intelligently guess missing dimensions using electronics engineering knowledge

  • Cannot read datasheets, datasheet-to-footprint in progress
  • Not multi-modal, vision model for parsing engineering diagrams is coming soon (this should allow it to create the vast majority of component footprints)
  • Pasting manufacturer part numbers is very low accuracy currently
  • Accuracy is not guaranteed. DO NOT USE TECHNICAL PREVIEW FOR REAL APPLICATIONS. I am working on benchmarks to ensure accuracy, but before that we need to be able to create the majority of shapes

// paste into tscircuit <component footprint="undefined" />